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Energetic Care

  • Standard 120 $ + HTS

Feel free to ask what you need for helping your health and finding a way to build your roots together for  reaching a daily radiant 

  • Special : rates on demand

One of my work is also to harmonize your living or professional place to you: being in alignment with your home or office.


Children activities (music, painting, artwork, …)

  • At the space:

    • Workshop group (1hour):  40$/child + HTS (group of 1 to 5 children)

    • Private lesson: time & rates on demand, depending of the request activity


  • At school/public institutions:

    • Every activity can be done at school or at public institutions adapted on the teachers needs and wishes : time&rates on demand, depending of the group and request activity: feel free to ask and let’s create together!

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